Click on Quick Replies from the navigation bar on the left of the screen:

Once you click on that, you will see the Quick Reply templates that RUN provides for you in both Email and text (SMS) formats:

Let's say that you want to update the "Awesome!  You're in..." template.  Click on the eye icon to view the text.  From that popup you can edit the text:

The default text for the Awesome message is this:

Hey there!  I received your request for more information about my WordPress blog site.

I wanted to personally reach out so you can talk with a real person, so let me know.. do you have any questions or are you ready to get started?  If you would like to talk, please provide your phone number and let me know when you'd like to talk.  Thanks.

Talk soon!

If you decide you want to make some changes, you can do so on this screen and then click on Update.  Or, you can click on the Edit icon (the graphic of the pencil and paper) and make the changes there in the text. Be sure to click on the Update button.

Change the templated message to match your style and circumstances.   Once you are pleased with the edited version, click on Update.  Should you not wish to keep the edits, click on Close and your edits will not be saved.  Instead, the default message will still be in place,  

Once you have made a change to the Email version, the SMS (text) version will be changed also.  

NOTE:  Be sure to click on the ? mark icon if you would like to view a helpful video about how to best use the RUN feature.

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